Twin Hearts Meditation

By Rohit Sujanani | 12 October 2020

Never underestimate the power of happiness, positivity, and kindness. When people are in a rut with their life, they tend to think that it is too late to make changes. But this could not be further from the truth. It is never too late to make positive changes and there is no change that is…

What is Pranic Healing?

By Rohit Sujanani | 25 August 2020

Pranic Healing is a simple, yet powerful and effective system of non-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing works on the understanding that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital…

Inner Reflection

By Rohit Sujanani | 30 May 2020

Inner Reflection  Inner reflection provides us with the opportunity to introspect our virtues and vices, our decisions and our actions based on these decisions. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, Inner reflection is a practice that is similar to what happens at the time of death. This is when the soul reviews its lifetime at…

Proper Diet & Fasting

By Rohit Sujanani | 30 May 2020

Proper Diet & Fasting What we consume has a direct impact not only on our physical bodies, but also our energy bodies. Fresh, nourishing and wholesome food is full of good prana, or good life energy. Naturally occurring colourful fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and highly beneficial for us on many levels. From an energetic point…

Salt Water Baths

By Monal Gajjar | 6 May 2020

Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Nourishing We have heard a lot about the importance of salt baths lately, a well known ancient ritual in many religions and traditions. So what exactly is a salt bath? Can you have a salt shower instead? How do you have one and what are the measurements? What are the benefits of having…

Creating Habits

By Rohit Sujanani | 22 February 2018

As we’ve entered into the second month of a new year we’ll hear lots of stories about resolutions that haven’t quite worked out or lasted. It can be tough to take on a new challenge or commitment, no matter what it may be. Creating a new habit takes a great deal of commitment, and the…

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What is Mindfulness?

By Rohit Sujanani | 11 January 2018

As we enter a new year there are lots of great intentions for self-improvement and self-care, and we will hear the word ‘mindfulness’ even more so in 2019. When we look at ways to understand the term mindfulness, the following definitions can be found online: ‘The quality or state of being conscious or aware of…

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Thoughtful Christmas gifts

By Rohit Sujanani | 12 December 2017

So much joy can be found in gifting friends and family, and the festive holidays are a great excuse to treat our loved ones. With so much to choose from and so many cheeky offers available, it can often be tough to decide what to get people and it can also be tricky to find…

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Unplug From Technology

By Rohit Sujanani | 29 November 2017

Technology will always move forward, and so will its involvement in our daily lives – whether that be at work or personally. Whilst these advancements are exciting it’s important to maintain some detachment where possible. Have you ever found yourself spending hours mindlessly staring into your phone, when you could be outside enjoying the sun…

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How to get a better night’s sleep

By Rohit Sujanani | 21 November 2017

Sleep is essential to mind and body, and the quality of sleep can directly correspond to the quality of a person’s daily output, overall wellbeing and happiness. Our bodies heal while we sleep, linking to the repair of our hearts and the restoration of blood vessels. Continuous lack of sleep can lead to increased risk…

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