Pranic Healing London

Thoughtful Christmas gifts

By Rohit Sujanani | 12 December 2017

So much joy can be found in gifting friends and family, and the festive holidays are a great excuse to treat our loved ones. With so much to choose from…

Pranic Healing London

Unplug From Technology

By Rohit Sujanani | 29 November 2017

Technology will always move forward, and so will its involvement in our daily lives – whether that be at work or personally. Whilst these advancements are exciting it’s important to…

Pranic Healing London

How to get a better night’s sleep

By Rohit Sujanani | 21 November 2017

Sleep is essential to mind and body, and the quality of sleep can directly correspond to the quality of a person’s daily output, overall wellbeing and happiness. Our bodies heal…

Pranic Healing London

Managing stress in the workplace

By Rohit Sujanani | 10 November 2017

We must never forget the impact that calm can have on our hearts and minds, and the impact that it has on those around us. With ‘mental health days’ being…

Pranic Healing London

Wellness is a lifestyle

By Rohit Sujanani | 1 September 2017

  Wellness has been a hot topic for a number of years, and proves to be increasing in relevance as people seek alternative methods in which to enhance their wellbeing,…


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