Rohit Sujanani

I offer consultancy and training in matters of Healing the physical; the emotional; the psychological; the financial and the spiritual; through the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing, Meditation and Spirituality.

I am privileged to have received my Pranic Healing training in Africa, USA, India, Switzerland and the UK with some of the world’s most acclaimed practitioners including Masters of Pranic Healing  and I am licensed by the Institute for Inner Studies Inc., to teach and promote Pranic Healing in London and Belgium.

I currently facilitate the MCKS Pranic Healing Courses Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, the online Self Pranic Healing and the SuperBrain Yoga Courses.

In 2019, I completed a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis with Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder and co-creator of NLP and I am licensed by the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

After graduating as a “systems analyst and software engineer” in 1994, I found myself repeatedly involved with the food, beverage and packaging industry over the following 20 years, during which, I developed myself as a successful entrepreneur with expertise in several business verticals.

I also intermittently indulged my childhood interest in healing the physical body through means other than conventional medicine over this period and in October 2014, in a gargantuan leap of faith, decided to give up the businesses to dedicate my time to Pranic Healing, a non-sectarian practice which had since become second nature to me.

“Pranic Healing is natural to you because it is part of your destiny.” ~ Master Choa Kok Sui ~

In October 2015, I acquired my license to teach in London and subsequently established “Natural Destiny Limited t/a MCKS Pranic Healing London”.

With a success rate of over 80%, my practice has since taken me through many a life transforming journey with hundreds of my students and clients, a list that includes ordinary as well as extra-ordinary people from all walks of life.
I welcome you into this magical and wonderful world of Pranic Healing, which naturally is my destiny…