Inner Reflection

Inner Reflection 

Inner reflection provides us with the opportunity to introspect our virtues and vices, our decisions and our actions based on these decisions.

According to Master Choa Kok Sui, Inner reflection is a practice that is similar to what happens at the time of death. This is when the soul reviews its lifetime at the end of its journey. If one practices inner reflection on a daily basis, it reduces the amount of time the soul has to spend on this at the time of departure.

So for example, if you have done something you shouldn’t have, like said something hurtful, behaved inappropriately or dishonestly with someone but you ignore it, this will not go away. Our conscience will be aware of it. Therefore, it is important that we acknowledge it, resolve not to do it again and make a firm resolution to do the right thing when faced with a similar situation in the future. This must manifest in thoughts, words, emotions and deeds by practicing the right thoughts, speaking the right words, generating the right emotions and then acting it out appropriately.

According to the teachings, at the time of death, our soul has to review all the good and not so good things done during its lifetime, and extract the lessons from the actions. It knows that when it reincarnates, it must encounter the same people with whom lessons remain to be learnt and the same situations that remain unresolved. However, when the soul reincarnates, it forgets this and the cycle of learning our lessons continues.

In order to help bring ourselves out of this rut, and ultimately free our souls of these karmic bondages, the practice of inner reflection is an important element of Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings. Regular practice of inner refection helps to develop our self honesty and the ability to listen to our intuitive voice/higher soul.

How do we do Inner Reflection?

The simplest way to start your journey of inner reflection is to set aside a small amount of time every night.

  • Allocate a maximum of 10 minutes before you fall sleep every night

  • Review your entire day - your interactions, thoughts and behaviours

  • Make a mental note of what did not go so well

  • Mentally correct this and make a firm resolution to amend your thoughts and actions with that person/people, or in that situation

  • Mentally replay the same event with your positive adjustments

  • Resolve to behave in the right and appropriate manner when faced with a similar situation in the future

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