Physical & Breathing Exercises.

The benefits and importance of purifying the body through physical exercises and breathing exercises in relation to meditation.

"When we meditate, we are bringing down tremendous amounts of divine energy. If we want this energy to flow through our body, we have to make sure the path is clear. When we have too many thought forms or pent up energy, the energy's path is blocked and it is harder for it to flow into us. By practicing breathing exercises, we learn to quieten and still the mind. This reduces the number of thought forms, and hence allows easier connection with the divine energy."

Master Hector Ramos - Radiatory Healing 

Physical Exercises:

Practice at least one full set of exercises before and after each meditation.
For a more intense meditation experience, practice 3 sets before and 3 sets after meditation. Allow about 5 minutes for completing one set.
If you have any injury, medical condition or problem please consult your doctor first and do not attempt to do these exercises without your doctor's authorisation.

1. Eye Rotations - 12 big circles to the left and then to the right
2. Neck rotation - 12 x left & right
3. Neck - up & down - 12 x
4. Upper body twists - 12 x left & right
5. Hip rotation - 12 x left & right
6. Semi squats - minimum 50 times
7. Spine bends - 12 x forwards & backwards
8. Arm rotations - 12 x forwards & backwards
9. Elbow bends -12 x 
10. Wrist rotations - 12 x left & right
11. Finger stretch - 12 x both hands
12. Knee rotations - 12 x left & right
13. Knee bends - 12 x both knees
14. Ankle rotations - 12 x left & right
15. Toe flex - 12 x both feet
16. Side bends - 12 x left & right
17. Big Applause for yourself 

Pranic Breathing:

Pranic Breathing is a powerful yogic technique that promotes strength, vigour, and vitality! By doing pranic breathing, you are able to absorb a tremendous amount of life energy or prana.

 • Deep breathing with empty retention (inhale and hold, exhale and hold - - repeat 7 times)

 • 6-3-6-3 ( inhale for 6 counts, hold for 3, exhale for 6 counts hold for 3 - repeat 7 times)

These physical and pranic breathing exercises can be performed every morning to help keep our body healthy and our mind flexible and focused. They have a revitalizing effect and help clear out the dirty energies from our chakras and the meridians.

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