Soul Service Sessions Power through Purification

For centuries, our sages, yogis and ancestors have identified purification as an important practice or a way of life.
Various purification techniques have been introduced and ingrained as an essential part of human life and culture. The simple truth is that rapid spiritual growth is not possible without purification.
These series of talks will shed some light on what purification techniques are, the different ways in which to achieve purification, and how this can have a positive impact on all areas of our life. 
Purification techniques are not just limited to the cleansing of the physical body. Rohit will share how purification can also take place on other subtle levels, such as the etheric, emotional, mental and psychic level. Once you have accessed these series of talks, you will have gained insight into how you can use the shared purification techniques to enhance the power of your meditation and spiritual experiences, improve your relationships, finances, health and to harmonise your life.

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Introduction to Purification – Physical Purification

£20.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

Emotional and Mental Purification

£20.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

Psychic Purification & the right use of power

£20.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

Power through Purification – Full Series

£50.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

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