Pranic Healing Certification Program

The Pranic Healing Certification Program is an online learning program for Pranic Healers who want to advance and enhance their skills and become more proficient healers.

Who can benefit from this program?
The program is for Pranic Healers wanting to enhance their skills anywhere, anytime and within a reasonable flexible schedule.

Program Description
The program is divided into two parts, a Didactic and Practicum section. The Didactic section provides in-depth training in Pranic Healing principles, concepts and practical healing skills (through online modules, videos, assignments, and regular video conferencing calls with your mentor using Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp platforms). The Program is open to all Pranic Healers globally.

The Practicum section involves the development of individual healing abilities and includes submission of successfully healed cases using Pranic Healing. Associate and Certified programs are offered in English and Spanish.

Prerequisite for:

Associate Pranic Healer: Basic, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy Workshops

Certified Pranic Healer: Completed Associate Pranic Healing Program, Pranic Crystal Healing, Psychic Self-Defense and Arhatic Prep

Certified Pranic Psychotherapist: Completed Certified Pranic Healing Program and Arhatic Level 1

Coordinators and Mentors
The global program is supervised by Master Glenn Mendoza and Senior Pranic Healing Faculty and dedicated administrative and technical teams who will serve as Certified Mentors.

Register NOW.
Registration Deadline May 30, 2019
Orientation starts June 15, 2019.
Program starts July 1, 2019.

Sponsored by:
The Center for Pranic Healing

For Further Information
Phone: (201) 896-8500

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