Aura Spray for deeply effective and thorough energetic cleansing

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A special blend created and blessed by Rohit Sujanani with effective cleansing and healing properties

Aura Spray
• Aromatherapy Spiritual Aura Mist
• Cleanses and Disinfects Effectively
• Balances and aligns the Chakras
• Calms and centres the Mind
• Creates Stillness and focus
• Lifts your Vibration

Ingredients: Isopropanol Alcohol (70%), Essential Oils, Water, Fruit Extract, Flower Extract, Parfum.
Keep away from children.
Avoid contact with eyes – rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
Flammable – Keep away from sources of ignition – No Smoking

SIZES: 100 ML Glass Bottle and 200 ML Glass Bottle

**This product may not be shipped outside the UK**


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100 ML Glass, 200 ML Glass


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