Pranic Healing Level 1 – Basic

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Take this course to learn about:

The anatomy and function of the major energy centres (chakras)
Techniques to develop and enhance your healing abilities:
  • Energetic Diagnostics & Scanning – identify areas of congestion and depletion
  • Energetic cleansing – remove congested or diseased energy
  • Energising – safe ways to transfer healthy Prana to areas that need healing
  • Energetic Hygiene – protect yourself energetically and prevent energetic drainage and contamination

The Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace & Illumination

Energising Breath Work

Divine Healing – using prayer and invocation for healing yourself and others
Remote Healing – understand the principles it is based upon and how to carry it out effectively
Self-Healing – ways to manage your own energetic health and prevent/alleviate ailments

Trainer: This course is facilitated by Rohit Sujanani

Course days and timings:

This course is usually held over a weekend from 9.30 am to 6 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


Swiss Cottage Centre

Nearest Tube Stations: Swiss Cottage (1 minute walk)

Prerequisite / Combination

There is no prerequisite for this course. This course is open to all who are 16 years and older.

Combine this course with the SuperBrain Yoga Course, the Self Pranic Healing Course and the Advanced Pranic Healing Course.


Discounts will be offered when reserving space on 2 or more courses.

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Limited Spaces

Due to social distancing guidelines number of spaces offered are limited – please book early to avoid disappointment.

Participation Notes

  1. Participation is only considered confirmed once full payment has been received and acknowledged by us
  2. We would appreciate your prompt arrival to the course. We aim to begin the course day at 9:30am and end by 6.00pm
  3. We will break for lunch, at which time you are welcome to step out to grab a bite
  4. Comfortable clothing is recommended and you may want to bring a notebook and pen to take notes
  5. The Miracles Through Pranic Healing book will be available to purchase on the day or prior to the course. It is highly recommended as it includes all of the course content and healing protocols
  6. Participants may be requested to fill out a health questionnaire on arrival to the course venue. If you have had any symptoms relating to COVID-19 you will not be permitted to enter the building
  7. For everyone’s safety, we expect you to do a lateral flow test within 24 hours prior to you joining us.
  8. Face masks, gloves and sanitisers may be offered on arrival
  9. Keeping in line with current government guidelines, it is mandatory for participants to wear a face covering throughout your stay with us and to comply with social distancing guidelines at all times.

Participation Rescheduling

  1. Participation can be rescheduled for another scheduled course falling within six months from the originally selected date
  2. Participation can be rescheduled up to 21 days prior to the selected course date without a charge
  3. If less than 21 days notice is given to reschedule participation a charge of £100 will be applied

Participation Cancellation

  1. Cancellation up to 5 weeks prior to the selected course date may be made without a cancellation fee
  2. Cancellations between 5 weeks and 15 days prior to the selected course date will incur a £100 cancellation fee
  3. Cancellation within 15 days to the selected course date will incur 50% of the course fee

A certificate of participation is issued to each participant upon successful completion of the course

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Pranic Healing is an ancient Science and Art of no-touch wellness! In this course, you will learn about prana (life-force and chi energy) and how it is utilized for healing. You will understand the energetic anatomy of the body, and learn the foundational principles and techniques of the practice. The Course includes internationally valid certification.

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22 reviews for Pranic Healing Level 1 – Basic

  1. Paulius Savickas

    I took a Pranic Healing course and had a great time of study and exploration. Thanks to the Rohit’s humbleness, eagerness to help and healing sense of humour – every moment of the course was filled with natural curiosity, wonder and joy of discovery. This course was a great reminder of how things are interconnected and now I’m seeing the world with slightly different eyes, especially my understanding about the diseases and illnesses has changed.
    Thanks to the system of Pranic Healing – this topic of healing on energetic level became de-mystified for me as it is well-grounded in scientific research, quite obvious and straight forward. It also gives me a beautiful sense of self-empowerment, trust in ones own ability to change the things for better, also a sense of purpose in service for humanity. Despite all these amazing things mentioned there I find that Pranic Healing is as a very profound spiritual practice as well as it has to offer so much more than healing. It is definitely a path of purifying one’s own heart, which is a foundation for everything… I would recommend this course for every curious and willing to serve soul. Namaste /|\

  2. Lloyd Gordon

    I have enjoyed taking the first two Pranic healing courses. It has opened me up to a powerful healing system that really is accessible to all. It has expanded my understanding of energy and its significance to all things – truly wonderful. The course was very well presented by Rohit Sujanani who is evidently very knowledgeable in this field. His pleasant, welcoming and caring manner made the course all the more engaging. Also, it is reassuring to know that he is happy and willing to help with his student’s ongoing development. Thoroughly recommended!

  3. Manuel

    Amazing course that awakens for many hidden secret that we live in our daily lives without being aware of.
    This course present powerful healing techniques as other simple practises that amplify our horizons to learn how to deal with many physical problems, diseases and other kind of problems that we might face in our daily routines.
    In a way I think this should be taught in the last years of school for that young people grow being aware of this reality and understand that anything is possible.
    If I had this course when I was a little kid, god knows what I would have become by now.
    A big thanks to my teacher Rohit that presented the Master teachings very well, to the masters and everyone else that help on the development of this techniques.

  4. Karina Penny

    I initially came to MCKS Pranic Healing London for healing treatments with Rohit Sujanani. I had such profound experiences with the treatments, that I knew I’d stumbled across something that I’d been in search of for a very long time. This led me to take the Basic Pranic Healing course.

    And WOW! it REALLY helped me to understand more about energy and how to protect myself around others and not just survive but thrive living in London!
    It also, of course, started my journey as a healer.

    Rohit is a beautiful instructor who relays the teachings comprehensively, with humour and humility.

    Pranic Healing is, for sure, Life Changing!!!

    Thank You MCKS Pranic Healing London.

  5. Bandari (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed in basic pranic healing course. It was an amazing experience and big thanks to Rohit.

  6. Prakash Relwani

    I did my basic Pranic Healing course in late 2016, only 2 months after our instructor, Rohit, did an introductory talk in West London. The 2 day course opened my eyes to a whole new world of energy healing. Breathing exercises, meditation techniques as well as the ability to heal yourself and others is what this course is about. Once you’ve completed the course, you are given opportunities to meet once a week to practice our skills on others. I’ve since gone on to finish a further 3 levels. Rohit is always there to answer any questions or give any advice on WhatsApp.

  7. Ruth

    No question, I was guided to Pranic Healing through experiencing a Twin Hearts meditation. Having spent years practising Reiki, working with energy is very familiar to me. I have always been hugely sensitive to the energy of a space, between people and the energy I am generating with my own thoughts and emotions.

    Pranic Healing takes energy healing to another level. Since taking Basic Pranic Healing with Rohit, I have gone from strength to strength with my understanding of working with prana. Each day, I am living a more attuned and aware life. By applying the knowledge I have been able to have a profound impact on the lives of those around me as well as on myself.

    As a teacher, Rohit use humour and intuition to support the group with their learning. The course is a wonderful experience which will change your percetion of the world you live in.

  8. Cindy Cheong

    I joined basic healing end of Dec 18 traveling from Edinburgh to join this course in London. It worth all my time and effort. Since joining my emotion has been calmer and I couldn’t sleep well. In the past I always wake up early at 3 or 4 pm and can’t get back to sleep. Probably that’s why I am a grumpy mum. Little things could trigger me being angry. Lots of commitments going on this month which I thought i will have a melt down indeed I have been quiet relax and is not as stressful as before. Emotion are well under control. Therefore I managed to become an encouraging mum that my girl successful received a few rewards. My relationship with people improved too. One bonus is you will then have an opportunity to join an online twin heart meditation running 3 times a week. Definitely worth trying and will not regret. I like to thank my best friend for encouraging and supporting me to have the courage to join this which I have put off for more than a year. If you are think off joining make time to join don’t delay.

  9. Ila B

    I came to pranic healing after having searched for a healing couse for somtime.
    The couses area deep dive into the course along with the opportunity to practice on fellow participants and you get an internationaly recognised qualification at the end of the course.
    Rohit imparts his knowledge with humour, kindness, patience.

  10. Robert Oncioiu (verified owner)

    Hi everyone , I’ve been participating on the basic pranic healing course on the late 2018 and I found it one of the best ways to open my eyes to a new world of possibilities for self healing and others to very deep states (fizical, emotional and the energetic body) . I really enjoyed the course and the way the teacher Rohit Sujanani explains the teachings and the powerful techniques in a very simply and pleasant way and since there I’ve been participating to the next 5 courses that Rohit and other teachers are offering around the world. Personally I really recommend the courses that pranic healing offer to all cause it helps gain the awareness to the capability that everyone has in its own true self. It help change the perception of the reality you live in true breaking the layers of unhealthy beliefs you may have been programmate to belief and take for granted.

  11. Andrea Cincione

    Amazing course. Pranic healing it’s a mix of love science and art. I did the pranic healing basic now and i will do the advance. It.s amazing course. Everybody need to learn pranic healing

  12. Giorgia Fava

    This course opened a new door for me, I thank the universe and master Choa Kok Sui for the existence of Pranic Healing, this is such a powerful practice that will not only open your mind and soul but it will also allow you to help others. I also thank Rohit for his endless knowledge on the subject, being able to address every question and explain concepts in the most accessible way. Thank you so much! I will definitely practice and then look into completing the next course.
    I would recommend this course to anyone, as anyone can learn the skill of healing through this type of practice. You don’t need to have any special skill, just attends the course, apply the rules and practice!
    Thanks a lot <3

  13. Carina

    I recently had the opportunity to attend the basic pranic healing course with rohit.

    From the first moment I walked in I could sense rohit’s powerful and kind energy. I knew the course was going to be important and powerful for me, and that I could trust rohit to guide me in the right way.

    Rohit offers a wonderful introduction to pranic healing. It doesn’t matter if you have experience with energy healing or not – rohit will put you at ease. He has an amazing ability to push and challenge you in just the right way. He is always engaged, attentive, and open, and he always makes sure to check in to see that everyone understands what is being taught. He is an amazing teacher and a perfect course host.

    I genuinely feel that this course has the power to dramatically change any person’s life. If you are interested but not sure whether to join, do it! Your mind may have question marks, but your soul is ready and waiting.

    Thank you Rohit for offering and supporting me on this wonderful course.


  14. Ana Maria Focsaneanu

    When I first moved to London I was already familiar with Pranic Healing, I had already been introduced by my best friend back in Italy who was a Pranic Healer.
    After settling here in London I decided to look for the nearest centre and I found MCKS Pranic Healing London were I started my journey.

    During the Basic Course, I was amazed about how things can be so obvious yet we often do not see them clearly, so my question at that time was:
    “Why have I waited so long to get to learn about this?”
    In the middle of the course, I decided to become an Arhatic Yogi by the end of that year, with all the challenges this involved like not having a financial base to pay for the course fees and travel costs.
    However, following advice from Rohit Sujanani on being open to things becoming possible, it became reality and before the end of that year I was already taking the Arhatic Preparatory level with Master Hector Ramos in Italy.
    Pranic Healing for me was not only a tool for healing ourselves and our loved ones, but is a gateway to the infinite possibilities in our own evolution.
    From my personal experience, Pranic Healing has become a new way of living for me, continually improving myself and creating a positive impact on my surroundings.
    With deep Gratitude to Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Hector Ramos,
    Rohit Sujanani and all my other Great Teachers for being such Amazing Channels of Light and Love.

  15. Miriam (verified owner)

    I have attended the “Learn Pranic Healing” course this end of August- beginning of September. My spiritual journey and a reccomendation of a Shaman led me there. I didn’t know much about it and I thought it would have been very similar to Reiki, that I am familiar with and I practice.

    The course was a huge surprise. It brought me to another level of knowledge and awareness. It answered so many questions I have been asked to myself during my journey that were never fully answered by what I was reading and learning so far. I deeply respect and love Rohit’s way of teaching. I was so amazed by his humbleness and patience in answering to all our questions and to share a huge amount of information that was very well associated with practice. He made the course light with his positive attitude. Rohit gave us tools to be able in our everyday life to grow with consciousness. I was very much surprised by the possibilities that Pranic Healing can cover in the healing process.
    I found the course very helpful to make my energetic practice more advanced and safe.
    I have learned technique that I found very helpful to apply even in Reiki and in my daily routine.
    I look forward to put into practice all the teachings and I am very thankful for the sharing of the knowledge. We are very powerful soul. The way we use this power can make a big difference. Pranic Healing it is definitely an incredible tool that allow us to use this power for harmony within ourselves and others.

    I very much recommend this course and I am very thankful for being addressed to it.
    I am also very thankful to Anna Maria that was assisting Rohit and teaching us useful exercises for our body. Her smile and energy were a wonderful addition to the course.


  16. Dang Minh Duong (verified owner)

    Rohit uses his patience, eagerness, and wellformedness to guide us through the course. It felt like time passed by quickly as the course was engaging and insightful. With his spurts of humor, it was easy to follow his instructions. The simplicity of the model is easy to learn and digestible. It’s like synthesizing thousands of years of knowledge into two days, which is amazing!! I’m very grateful to learn from Rohit!!

  17. Mayssa

    il y a une semaine
    I have just completed the Basic Prana Healing course. The information presented over the two days was concise and presented in an easy-to-follow manner. This course left me feeling that I had learned some of the greatest secrets in the world, and I left feeling confident in my newfound knowledge. The hands-on practice really made a difference, and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to “FEEL” the energy. ROHIT is a great instructor and his relaxed manner and vast knowledge made it a fun as well as an enlightening experience.ROHIT is a good teacher with patience and high pedagogy. Thank you soooo much !

  18. Jumana Kocache

    Very interesting course- the more I practice the more I’m appreciating it! Rohit is a good teacher and very helpful. He opens you up to new experiences and doesn’t seem to have tired of answering my questions yet..

  19. Indra Ubheeram (verified owner)

    The course was very intense, quite a lot to take in in only 2 days. But it was worth it, opened a new dimension in the spiritual world. I’m very grateful and thankful that I was introduced to Pranic Healing 🙏
    Thank you to Rohit for delivering the course in such a time where we all need healing and to Monal for her continuous assistance.

  20. Lucka

    This weekend gave me a basic understanding and introduction to Pranic Healing Energy, marvellous!! These two days created an amazing atmosphere and I have learned a lot in a short period of time. Highly recommended to anyone.

  21. Sandra Serneckaite

    I’ve completed Self Pranic Healing and also Level 1 Pranic Healing courses. Every class gives a deeper understanding in how Pranic Healing can change your lives and I can’t wait to learn more. Rohit is a brilliant teacher and always happy to answer all the questions we may have.
    I would highly recommend!

  22. Suniti Makhecha

    This was an absolutely enlightening course and was fascinated to discover Pranic healing and how we can help heal ourselves and others on an energetic level. I look forward to embedding these principles and strategies into my daily life.

    Rohit makes it so simple and easy to understand. Always ready to answer questions and his depth of knowledge is amazing!

    I would highly recommend this course and really look forward to learning and discovering more. I am so grateful. Thank you!

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