Full Moon Meditation


By doing a very special (Wesak) version of the Twin Hearts Meditation, we offer ourselves as instruments to further bless the entire planet, every person and every being with these priceless energies. This brings about healing on a planetary level as well as individual level and as instruments of blessing, we are blessed several times in return. As a result, we can have our wishes and desires blessed and manifested. Groups meditating on this most auspicious occasion facilitate the anchoring of large quantities of high-quality divine energies. All participants are requested to wear white/ light coloured clothing for this special session.

Please note, a 24 hours cancellation policy applies so should you wish to postpone a session, please do so more than 24 hours in advance as otherwise, sadly, a full charge will apply because its too late to offer that time to another client.

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“The moment of the full moon each month offers the greatest opportunity for meditation – particularly in group formation – to be used as a means of cooperation with the Divine Plan or Intention for our world.” To strengthen and mobilise goodwill in the world, Please Join us for the Full Moon Meditation, one of the most important times of the year for spiritual aspirants to become instruments of greater world service. Please wear white/light coloured clothing.

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Bring a bottle of water or any other personal article to be energised with the special full moon energy & blessings of scores of people meditating


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