Healing Laser Crystal Wands – Clear Quartz

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A Crystal is a subtle energy condenser and can enhance a healer’s ability by 200 times or more.

This natural quartz crystal wand can absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies like a laser beam from it’s pointed end and is highly effective in disintegrating negative energies.

We offer only high quality natural crystals that are optimised for energy healing.

Synthetic or Lab produced crystals are much cheaper but not effective in energy healing.

Each of our Laser crystal wands can be paired with a pure silk wrap to prevent energy leakages and an activator ball in Rose Quartz.

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52g 11.5cm 12 facets, 62g 11.0cm 16 facets, 64g 11.5cm 16 facets, 74g 11.3cm 18 facets, 108g 17cm 16 facets, 117g 18cm 16 facets


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