Invisible Helpers


Leadbeater wrote that one can prepare oneself to be an invisible helper by developing certain qualities needed in treading the Path to discipleship, particularly single-mindedness, perfect self-control, calmness, knowledge, unselfishness and love.

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An expression used by Charles W. LEADBEATER to describe those who are able to help in a non-physical manner those who are in need of aid, whether the living or those who have just died and need to be guided during the death transition. In his book Invisible Helpers, he recounts numerous cases of people in distress who have been “miraculously” saved or helped by mysterious beings mistaken for “angels” but who were actually living people who were able consciously to assist others while they are in their astral bodies and their physical bodies are asleep. In many of the accounts, he referred to these as the “band of helpers” who were disciples of ADEPTS and who had capacity intentionally to help even when out of their bodies, even materializing their bodies to be visible and tangible.

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