Meditation On Twin Hearts With Self Pranic Healing

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The “Twin Hearts” refers to the heart and crown energy centres or Chakras.

Following Meditation on Twin Hearts, a tremendous amount of divine energy or spiritual energy flows down to the practitioner flooding him with divine light. This energy that appears like “brilliant liquid white light” can be used for healing by directing it into affected parts of the body through Self-Pranic Healing Meditation.

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Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing
Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing is an exceptional meditation technique for spiritual development and healing. As one becomes a channel of divine energy and blesses the Earth with peace, love, healing and goodwill, one, in turn, receives divine blessings. It is also aimed at achieving divine consciousness or illumination through the activation and development of the heart and crown energy centres. Come, awaken your soul with a Meditation on Twin Hearts.
Scientific investigations on electromyogram, skin conductance, electroencephalography, brain synchrony and brain hormones reveal positive and beneficial effects following Meditation on Twin Hearts. Recent medical studies have shown a notable increase (up to 300%) in plasma melatonin following the meditation. This significant finding suggests the critical importance and implication of this meditation to longevity, stress reduction, sleep-wake cycle, anti-cancer and spiritual associations. The approach is not only producing dramatic results in specific areas of consciousness, it is forming the basis for a new perspective on medicine and healing.

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