Pranic Healing Level 3 – Pranic Psychotherapy

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“Pranic Psychotherapy is one of the most effective energy tools that promote and maintain etheric, emotional/mental hygiene. It can be used whenever one is exposed to toxic, harmful, or ethically dirty environments. It is excellent in removing from the aura the negative thought forms, which come from the increasing prevalence of drugs and violence in schools and in the workplace. Parents can use Pranic Psychotherapy to sweep clear their children’s auras when they come home from school. Spouses can apply it to their partners after a stressful day at work. Workers in toxic environments (i.e. hospitals, prisons) can use it to decontaminate each other.”

Mary D. Clark, Ph. D,

Licensed Psychologist – State of Arizona.

Licensed Educational Psychologist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist – State of California.

Excerpt from the Foreword in the book Pranic Psychotherapy by Master Choa Kok Sui

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1 review for Pranic Healing Level 3 – Pranic Psychotherapy

  1. Kam

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Rohit and the MCKS Pranic Healing School London. I have been studying with them since 2019 and can’t recommend them highly enough.
    I have completed 3 courses with the school now and I can honestly say that Rohit is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He’s very knowledgeable and encourages you to go ahead and start with the practical side straight away whilst being able to break down big ideas and philosophies of pranic healing into a way that its easily absorbable and applicable.

    Rohit is at the same time so humble down-to-earth and funny, which makes him the perfect teacher! I’ve learnt so much and there’s still so much to learn! Pranic healing touches you in such a profound way and you will want to carry the principles you learn forward and apply them in your life. Together with Monal, the service that these lovely people provide is second to none and the snacks and fruit that are available on the courses are just an extra touch that really makes you feel welcomed!

    I’ve also experienced Rohit’s great healing skills within my family on separate occasions and family members and am so grateful for this, and often recommend him to people who would like to try this beautiful ancient modality.

    Rohit is always available when you need advice, which is priceless and he is just so approachable. Nothing is ever too much trouble! Thank you so much Rohit!

    He really embodies the essence of loving kindness as you will find out more about if you study Pranic Healing and I would thoroughly recommend doing any of your pranic courses with MCKS as the information you will get is not only practical and applicable to pranic healing, but also teach wonderful principles for life.

    The community spirit is also strong, and there is a strong support system in place. Meditations and yoga virtually daily and when you take a course with them from start to finish you are encouraged to keep asking questions. Rohit and Monal have done an amazing job during the pandemic in keeping us all moving forward and keeping the faith! We were invited to take part in daily prayers which have been a great gift and blessing during these times in keeping one calm and connected.

    The pranic exercises you will learn alone are pretty life changing and pranic healing is for anyone looking to understand principles for effective energy healing as well as the meaning of life so that they are able to welcome more joy peace and happiness into the now moment and well beyond!

    Rohit and Monal have created a really welcoming warm environment at MCKS in which to learn these time honoured practices and from the moment you join the courses you feel fully supported. The actual format of the day is fantastic and you are empowered to absorb and apply the learnings and to start applying that straight away with faith and confidence and I can honestly say, its bought a deeper level of awareness in all aspects of life. If you’re sitting on the fence about learning with MCKS I would highly recommend the pranic healing course. There’s so much information on the day, followed up with the comprehensive book which is yours to purchase and I refer to that often!

    So a huge thank you to Rohit and Monal at MCKS for all their wonderful courses, genuine warmth, ongoing support and community spirit. I look forward to taking another course with you in the near future. Kam x

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