Pranic Healing Level 4 / Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office

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Psychic Self Defence is the science and art of protecting yourself from intentional or unintentional psychic attacks.

No man is an island! In order to thrive and survive, as humans, we live within an ecosystem that requires connection and interaction with other people. With the techniques taught under Master Choa Kok Sui’s instruction, you will learn how to protect yourself and your possessions from unwanted energies and psychic attacks.

We are not just made up of our physical bodies but have several layers of energy referred to as aura or subtle bodies. These are not readily visible to the naked eye, but it is within our aura, that we absorb and hold various energies – emotional and mental.

Have you heard of the phrase “Where your thoughts go, there energy follows”? With the right intention, will and attention, the thoughts and feelings we project can have a direct impact on those around us; and vice versa. These can shape or influence our behaviours, processing of things and perception of things around us, as well as many other things.

Why this course is for you

Do you feel drained in certain environments or around certain people?

Do you find it harder to stay positive at all times?

Do you feel overcome by anxiety or stress as soon as you step into a certain environment?

Do you feel like there may be something blocking your path to success, health, abundance and/or an easier life?

Have you been told that black magic has been done to you or to your family?

Do you become easily influenced or swayed by other people’s thoughts and behaviours?

This course will teach you techniques to protect yourself from such negative influences.

All of the techniques taught in this course lie in the application of the sacred universal laws of protection, balance and harmony. They are easy to learn and can be applied almost immediately.

What You Will Learn

The course will teach you how to protect yourself and your possessions from negative energies and psychic attacks. It will also teach you how to protect yourself from severe cases of black magic.

You will learn how to:

– Divert negative thought forms, emotions, and harmful energies from within yourself and others.
– Create energy shields for people, objects and environments.
– Use crystals for protection.
– Many other cleansing techniques to keep yourself and your surroundings protected.

Course days and timings:

This course is usually held on a Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm.

You may consider to take a look at the book PRACTICAL PSYCHIC SELF DEFENCE BOOK FOR HOME AND OFFICE

Prerequisite / Combination

Pranic Healing Level 2 Course is a pre-requisite for this course.

Combine this course with the Pranic Healing Level 2  OR Pranic Healing Level 3 Course.


This course is facilitated by Rohit Sujanani


The Kailash Centre

7 Newcourt Street, St Johns Wood, London, NW8 7AA

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Important Participation Notes

  1. Participation is only considered confirmed once full payment has been received and acknowledged by us

  2. We would appreciate your prompt arrival to the course as we aim to begin at 9 am and end by 8 pm

  3. We will break for lunch, at which time you are welcome to step out to grab a bite

  4. Comfortable clothing is recommended and you may want to bring a notebook and pen to take notes

  5. The Psychic Self Defence Course Book will be available to purchase on the day or prior to the course. It is highly recommended as it includes all of the course content and healing techniques

  6. All participants certify by signing up for this course that they are of sound mind and in good physical and mental health to undertake this course.

  7. All participants unconditionally and voluntarily give consent for their personal information to be shared with the Institute for Inner Studies Inc., Manila.

  8. Meals, refreshments, beverages and snacks are not included.

Participation Rescheduling

  1. Participation can be rescheduled for another scheduled course falling within one year from the originally selected date.

  2. Participation can be rescheduled up to 6 weeks prior to the selected course date without a charge.

  3. If participation is rescheduled within 6 weeks prior to the selected course date, a charge of £100 will be applied.

Participation Cancellation

  1. Cancellation up to 6 weeks prior to the selected course date may be made without a cancellation fee.

  2. Cancellations between 6 -4 weeks prior to the selected course date will incur a £100 cancellation fee.

  3. Cancellation within 4 weeks – 15 days of the selected course date will incur 50% of the course fee.

  4. Cancellation within 15 days of the selected course date will incur 100% of the course fee.

A certificate of participation is issued to each participant upon successful completion of the course

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8 reviews for Pranic Healing Level 4 / Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office

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  1. Thank you Rohit for the wonderful insight on how we can work for the betterment of our home and work through PH

  2. Amasing to start understanding the impact of energies around us and how to protect us.

    It opens up another layer of reality that human beings are just beginning to find (or re-discover).

  3. I am so grateful I took part in this self-defense course. I always love MCKS London courses as they are full of amazing instructors, great people, wonderful contents and insights. Highly recommended!!! 🌈💕

  4. Super good course to come to learn about how to protect yourself from others and find out how you have been attacking yourself and others instead! 🙂

    A variety of advice from Reiner much appreciated also!

  5. Am happy and glad Mr Rohit encouragement me take part in this course psychic self-defense. I learnt many different ways how I can protect myself and my family. I also learnt much more deeper teaching and understanding. Am really thankful I had this opportunity to have taken part in psychic self defence course 🙏🏼

  6. This course was highly informative and useful for personal, family, home and places protection. The instructors were full of comprehensive insights. Great course.

  7. The course was very interesting, informative, practical and applicable, and fun. The instructors were engaging and clear. It was a fantastic.

  8. I loved the course. We learned many essential technics ever human should know to protect himself in the day to day life. I feel so much calmer still few days later. Thank you

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Pranic Healing Level 4 / Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office Pranic Healing Level 4 / Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office
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