Saints of India – Kahat Kabir


Kabir is seen as a promoter of Universal Religion of Man who opposed superstitious beliefs and empty rituals.

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This album explores how Kabir came to symbolise all that is fee, noble and challenging in the Indian tradition and brought a healing touch of divine love and universal brotherhood. He sang the truth with magical simplicity and charmed people away form religious conflicts, inspiring them to experience the divine in their own hearts.

  1. Beet Gaye Din Bhajan Bina
    Suresh Wadkar

  2. Commentary

  3. Ghunghat Ka Pat Khol
    Ravindra Sathe

  4. Commentary

  5. Mana Mast Hua Phir
    Parthiv Gohil

  6. Commentary

  7. Guru Bina Kann Bataave
    Sanjeev Abhyankar

  8. Commentary

  9. Maya Maha Thagani Jani
    Ashit Desai

  10. Commentary

  11. Avadhu Bhule Ko Ghar
    Ravindra Sathe

  12. Commentary

  13. Moko Kahan Dhundhe Re
    Hema Desai

  14. Commentary

  15. Chal Hansa Va Des
    Ashit Desai

  16. Commentary

  17. Mana Tohe Kehi Bidh Kar
    Suresh Wadkar

  18. Commentary

  19. Rasa Gagan Gufa Mein
    Alap Desai

  20. Jhini Jhini Bini Chadariya
    Suresh Wadkar

Music Composed, Arranged & Conducted by Ashit Desai

Subject Research & Script Compilation
Jawahar Baxi & Yogesh Joshi



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