Self Pranic Healing Course

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Take this course to learn how to heal yourself, harmonise your energy body and enhance your health using Self Pranic Healing protocols and techniques.

Online Only

This course is held online via zoom over 2 days – Saturday and Sunday – 9.30 am to 2 pm on both days.

Territorial Restriction

This course is open to residents of London and the Greater London Area only. An address will be required at the time of registration.

You will learn:

  • How to feel energy
  • Understand what prana is and how it is generated
  • How to use and direct that prana to heal
  • How to maintain etheric hygiene before, during and after healing
  • Self Healing protocols for:
      • Headaches & Migraines
      • Ailments caused by emotional imbalance or stress
      • Respiratory ailments
      • Digestive ailments
      • Strengthening your immune system
  • Breathing & Physical exercises to increase receptivity and generate more prana
  • The Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • The Powerful Meditation on the White Light
  • The PowerfulAnti-ageing Tibetan Rites Yoga Asanas
  • How and why to use the Forgiveness Technique

Trainer: This course is facilitated by Rohit Sujanani

Prerequisite and Combination

Combine this course with the Pranic Healing Level 1 Course.

This course is open to all who are 16 years and older. There is no prerequisite for this course.


Discounts will be offered when reserving space on 2 or more courses.

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Participation Notes

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed when registering before clicking ‘Submit’ on the completed form 
  • Attendance on both days is mandatory
  • Your video must be turned on throughout the session
  • During the course you will need the following three items ready to use: 
    • Alcohol spray (minimum 70% alcohol) You may buy here. Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery  
    • Salt water bowl (easy to prepare: A handful of salt dissolved in 1 litre of water in a disposable bowl)
    • A Yoga mat or Towel large enough to lie on
  • Participate from a separate or private room that is conducive for learning
  • Your microphone must be muted during the session
  • Questions will be answered at the end of each session
  • You will need to have a working computer with camera and efficient internet connection for the course
  • Participants are not permitted to record the online course in any form whatsoever or capture images of the text, illustrations and / or audio materials of the course
  • Uploading shared course materials on websites, social media whether personal, private or public is strictly not allowed. 
  • We respectfully request that you do not eat during a live training session
  • A break will be given every 90 minutes

Participation Rescheduling

  1. Participation can be rescheduled for another scheduled course falling within six months from the originally selected date
  2. Participation can be rescheduled up to 7 days prior to the selected course date without a charge
  3. If less than 7 days notice is given to reschedule participation a charge of £25 will be applied

Participation Cancellation

  1. Cancellation up to 7 days prior to the selected course date may be made without a cancellation fee
  2. Cancellation within 7 days to the selected course date will incur 50% of the course fee


A certificate of participation is emailed to each participant from the Institute for Inner Studies Inc., Manila upon successful completion of the course


On opening this registration link, carefully select the desired course and date to complete your registration



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Our physical health is a reflection of our mental and emotional energy bodies. More often than not, a physical ailment stems from an imbalance in our mental and emotional bodies, and this is where the medical attention needs to go. Pranic Healing teaches you how to heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies, with amazing results through simple, easy to learn techniques.

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Week 7 – 20th and 21st February, Week 14 – 10th and 11th April, Week 26 – 3rd and 4th July, Week 38 – 25th and 26th September, Week 50 – 18th and 19th December

17 reviews for Self Pranic Healing Course

  1. Lolita Sobolyova (verified owner)

    Thank you for the illuminating course and interesting discussions! I found the information on Forgiveness and the emotion/thought forms particularly useful as our emotions directly affect our health and also the energetic state of the people we are close to. Thank you for the useful handout with clear explanations and for wonderful exercises we were able to practise. I recommend this course to anyone interested in self-improvement and health.

  2. Lucka

    Thank you Rohit for passing on your knowledge. This course is great as it doesn’t require any experience and the content is easy to follow. We have learned great skills and with few powerful meditation this weekend is definitely worth every penny. Highly recommended to anyone with or without healing future in mind. Tested it already with great bender success. 5 *****

  3. Jo (verified owner)

    I joined this course coming from an upbringing with strong traditions and roots.
    By the end of this course, I was armed with concepts that not only seamlessly integrated into my existing practices but enhanced them on many layers.

    A prayer upon waking now begins with sensitising relevant energy centres. Two personal favourite grounding exercises are now coupled together to find a place of calm deeper within.  Existing Yoga practices now optimised with energetic locks.

    A warm and friendly delivery by Rohit.  Plenty of opportunities for practice and questions.

    Would recommend to anyone looking to empower themselves in terms of individual health.  Prior healing background not necessary as the pace is steady enough for all.

  4. Kumud Gajjar

    Thank you Rohit for an enlightening course. The course content was excellent and despite this being my first time, I found it easy to understand and follow. This is obviously due to the depth of your knowledge, understanding and your teaching skills. . I have learnt many techniques that I have already been able to put into practice immediately and am already beginning to feel the benefits. I am definitely looking forward to the next level.

    I would definitely recommend your course to anyone needing to elevate their life.

    My heart felt thanks to you

  5. Eman

    Many thanks to you Rohit it wasn’t just amazing course but amazing master passing all the teachings in a simple easy way with love energy and beautiful smile, it is very important course and practices that should be implemented in our daily life to maintain good habits and have a happy peaceful healthy life.
    Time passed so quickly with you eventhough it was virtual but you were able to reach everyone and touch our heart and made us feel the energy and guide us to our inner world,
    I am so blessed that I had this opportunity to be with you this weekend and gain much knowledge and how to apply it my body and daily life.
    Highly recommended this course to all as a begining for their transformational life for one’s who are ready to receive divine energy into their body and their life.

  6. Gina (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Rohit. I enjoyed the course and learning techniques how the heal myself and to have a healthier lifestyle. I am really looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice and seeing the results.
    Gratitude and blessings to you for your enlightening work.💕

  7. Maya Mahboobani

    Thank you Rohit for passing on your knowledge. This course is great. It was easy to understand and follow. Thanks to you for having the time and patience to explain step by step. I have learned great skills and with few powerful meditation and self healing techniques this weekend it is definitely worth doing the course. I Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in Self Healing should do this Course. I am looking forward to joining the Pranic Healing level 1 course soon.

  8. Dang Duong

    I love his positive and constant patient with his students during class. The bountiful confusing of esoterism has been clarified and made simply understandable in a step by step fashion. The experiments done has made esoteric knowledge practical, and I love practical. Thank you so much for the enlightment!

  9. Sangeeta

    I joined Pranic meditation a year ago and it has been a transformational experience- it has shown me that a spiritual journey doesn’t have to be painful but one of joy and abundance. I have taken 3 courses with Rohit and his dedication and patience to each one of us personally is amazing. He explains concepts in a simple and practical way and makes learning a fun experience without taking away the spiritual essence. I am so thankful and blessed to have Rohit as my mentor and teacher in the Pranic healing journey.

  10. Alessia

    This course was super detailed and well explained, I truly recommend to do it. Despite I have been attending lots of courses and levels of Pranic Healing since 2017, I still received answers and learnt new things in a very detailed manner. Rohit is so committed and approachable that you go home with priceless knowledge and the feeling you have found a teacher who will guide you during your transformational journey.

  11. Lalizar Harrison (verified owner)

    Thank you for a truly enlightening course and the simple and patient way Rohit passed on his knowledge.
    I already started putting the teaching into practice and feel a change and a difference in myself physically and mentally.
    I recommend this course for beginners like me as Rohit makes sure that not only he covers all aspects of the self Pranic healing but he also includes a lot of practice of the techniques used and focuses on each and every student individually.
    Thank you again and I am definitely going to take part in further courses in the future.

  12. Shazia (verified owner)

    Thankyou Rohit for an amazing course. All concepts were clearly explained and the techniques thoroughly practised. I am now very confident about incorporating them into my daily spiritual practices.
    I found the meditations very effective and was particularly moved by the forgiveness exercise. It helped me to identify the issues that were preventing me from moving forward in my life.
    Rohits positivity was very uplifting and he was extremely supportive and patient with us throughout the course. He worked with us at our pace and ensured all questions were answered.
    I highly recommend this course to anyone who is embarking on their journey to self healing and to also to those already on their way. I have benefitted greatly from the teachings and definately intend to continue with more courses on Pranic Healing.
    Thankyou Rohit for your sincerity and for sharing your knowledge with us all!!

  13. Neeta Shah

    My Name is Neeta Shah and it was indeed my pleasure to do a review course of intensive pranic healing.

    The course was simplified in a very easy format to understand and register in our brains.

    The techniques was clearly explained and practiced.
    Rohit is very knowledgable in and a profound teacher In pranic healing.
    He has been very uplifting in this embarking journey to spirituality, with his guidance and support .

    I have benefiited hrough the courses and done reviews with him and truly reccommend to everyone

  14. Kalyan (verified owner)

    Well to start , it was my wife 😍 who wanted me to attend the Pranic healing course as my stress levels were high . She had earlier attended Pranic healing courses elsewhere and knew its benefits . She tried hard to get me enrolled in this course for sometime now but I was resisting as I did not believe in Prana and it’s healing technique . But finally she told me in a way I would understand and I did a little research on the internet and enrolled in the course .
    Like the old saying goes “ The wife knows Best 👍 “ , well believe me it’s true .

    I contacted Rohit and he was welcoming , invited me to a complimentary 1 hour evening session of meditation which gave me an insight to what Pranic healing is all about . I was excited to join the Self Pranic healing course as it was the only course which was immediately available within the next few days ( I was so excited that I did not want waste time thinking and waiting ) , so Rohit personally guided me with the registration process . He sent Course handouts with clear instructions .
    One fantastic thing , He was readily available throughout all days and communicating was easy .
    During the 2 day course he took us patiently through all the basic aspects of Pranic healing and how to make it effective and get the best results . The course was well paced with 15 min short breaks every 90 min . I feel probably having a lunch break of 30 min would be good in future courses . All the participants could freely ask their questions and doubts , this was more of a 2 way interraction rather than a 1 way lecture . Rohit was constantly following every participant and making sure everyone practised the right techniques.
    This course focused on Self healing / breathing techniques / Tibetian yoga / Blessings / healing ppl closest to us .

    There were many highlights during the course personally for me and gave me insights to resolving many day to day issues and making life happier with simple knowledge .
    I was also surprised to see ppl from all walks of life , different religions , different ethnicities participating . I think all human beings have stress at different levels and want to heal irrespective of their backgrounds .
    Now after the course I feel relaxed , able to sleep more peacefully , more calm , bigger smile .
    Similar to all good things , I think Pranic healing takes time , patience and practise to see its effects on our lives .
    I would not say that all aspects of the course would have immediate impact on us in the first course but maybe with belief and practise hope it helps to lead a better life .

    The above review is my personal experience , well everyone has their own .

  15. Alessia Luciani

    It is my second time doing this course and I would keep on doing it over and over as the amount of knowledge you get every single time is never ending. It seemed almost a completely new course than the same one I did few months ago. I could really implement the teachings within me and have more clarity regarding the techniques. Rohit is a great teacher – he is always available to reply to any question (even the weirdest one) and he manages the classes (even online) creating a space where you feel safe to ask your questions and exchange a beautiful experience with the other participants.

  16. Kumud Gajjar

    Rohit is a professional and extremely skilled trainer. He is so calm and explains all the content of the course technically and beautifully, so that person without any background of Pranic healing can follow it easily. During the course, Rohit answered all the questions with patience. It is a holistic course and I recommend that all people should do this course. By using the techniques learnt on this course, I have been able to reduce my pain by 80% and am able to live my life joyfully. This course has inspired me to do Level 1 and I have already registered my place for 7th and 8th August!

  17. Sami (verified owner)

    Thank you Rohit. The course was enlightening and very easy to follow throughout the day. I have enjoyed putting the techniques that we were taught into practice and have found them very beneficial to my wellbeing. I am very grateful to have been able to take part and I look forward to joining more courses in the future.

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