The Better Healer Program

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“At some point in all lineages, A Soul will be born that brings healing to their ancestors.” – Anonymous

Are you this Soul?

The Better Healer Program – Invitation to participate

Are you interested in taking your Pranic Healing Skills further?

Do you need a mentor to guide you with the wonderful knowledge and skills you have equipped yourself with from the Pranic Healing courses?

The 2022 batch of The Better Healer Program started on the 7th April 2022.  You may still grab your opportunity at the earliest to participate in the remaining live sessions while you review the recordings of all previously completed sessions.

This program offers only a limited number of spaces. 

15 amazing sessions delivered online via zoom, spread over 7 months for convenience and easy learning of more powerful techniques and greater understanding of Pranic Healing knowledge.

All sessions are recorded and available for review by all participants for a limited time only.


£699 only. Instalment payments and Sponsorships are sometimes available.

Benefits to YOU (Just some of them)

  1. Easy Learning – 15 sessions including 2 assessment sessions at the end of the program
  2. A safe platform to ask your most burning questions (and even the silly ones) about Pranic Healing practices – no matter how silly you think your question is 
  3. Learn and practice – Scientific and spiritual principles of human existence and purpose through Pranic Healing 
  4. Develop better understanding – anatomy (physical and energetic) of the human body and the inner universe
  5. Acquire tried and tested energetic tools to improve all areas of your life not only healing skills
  6. Build confidence to face challenges with a positive attitude 
  7. Acquire ability to overcome obstacles, inner resistance, hesitation and fear of doing the right thing – Start following the right way instead of the easy way
  8. Acquire mental clarity and courage to form better life goals and the tools to achieve them – we build your courage together
  9. Learn the secret to better relationship with yourself and others
  10. Learn character development – the precious jewel treasure of every powerful healer
  11. Enhance skills to deliver a better client experience – before, during and after a session


  • In order to participate, you will need to have completed Level 2 (Advanced PH ) as a minimum requirement
  • Pranic Psychotherapy course must be completed during the course of The Better Healer Program
  • An open mind and willingness to learn
  • Willingness to work as a team and to develop good communication skills
  • The motivation to heal regularly and apply the wisdom of MCKS into our daily lives

Format of the Programme

The programme consists of 15 online sessions which will be recorded and made available to review for 2 weeks after each live session

The online sessions will take place once a fortnight and will last 120 minutes

If this is an opportunity that you feel you would like to commit to, complete your payment and get in touch to start the registration process. 

Dates in 2022

April 7th

April 21st

May 5th

May 19th

June 2nd

June 16th

July 7th

July 21st

August 4th

August 25th

September 8th

September 22nd

October 6th

October 27th

November 10th

November 24th

16 sessions allocated incase we skip a date in between


9 pm UK on each of the above dates

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7 reviews for The Better Healer Program

  1. Soobadra Dhunoo

    The Better Healer Program is a programme with very precious knowledge about how to heal using techniques effectively that leads to rapid and proper recovery from any ailments or illnesses. My mentor, Rohit Sujanani, tailored each session with a lot of information that helps to understand each protocol in the Pranic Healing Books. I can take any protocol with confidence with Rohit Sujanani’s support and motivation. My mentor answers to any question at any time. He is available at any time allowing all of us in the Better Healer Program to be effective, fearless,, trustworthy, confident and willing to heal at any moment.

  2. Dang Duong

    This programme dives in deep in the intricacy of pranic healing and allows you to appreciate the practice at a deeper level. The practices and knowledge are profoundly priceless. The distillation of Rohit’s acquired knowledge and experience into an easy to follow format helps you exceedingly progress in the path of pranic healing. His patience and motivation to the group allows us to grow exponentially in the practice and the confidence in executing protocols. Amazing class indeed!

  3. Saraswathi Pratapa

    It’s a good course to become a better healer . It covers all areas of healing and the skills needed to interact with the clients and it also gives enough confidence and practice in healing .

  4. Shilpa Mawji

    This course has been amazing for me. Not only has my confidence improved for my healings, but I have learnt so much and have been supported continuously by Rohit Sujanani. The patience and knowledge given to us by Rohit has been tremendous. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take the next step in their Pranic healing journey.

  5. Justyna Gutowska

    Rohit is an exceptional mentor – knowledgeable, patient and always available. In his Better Healer Programme, he reiterates and dives in deeper into Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings and enriches it with his personal experience, derived from many years of study and application of pranic healing techniques. For me, this course was the best next step after completing Level 1, 2 and 3 of Pranic Healing – it enhanced my understanding of pranic healing techniques and has truly made me a humbler, more receptive healer. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. Every tip and piece of guidance Rohit so generously shared with us during the Better Healer mentorship programme is like gold dust. With that, and with Master Choa’s guidance and blessings, I’m so happy to continue my Pranic Healing journey! 🙏

  6. Linor

    My favorite program. It will enhance your healing skills tramendously. You will be following protocols to stregthen your energy and enhance your wellbeing. You will have an opportunity to answer all your questions. I think it is a must program for anyone who wants to become a pranic healer. Thank you so much Rohit!

  7. Alessia Luciani

    This is the go-to course if you want to became a better healer indeed! We had the priceless opportunity of receiving deep esoteric teachings to apply on ourselves and others easily and effectively, advanced techniques to fasten the healing process and produce better results in less time. I was amazed by the amount of useful information! Rohit is a great trainer – he never stops to support and guide you throughout the course and even after. He was so generous to share with us all the most effective techniques he learnt during his journey, what a priceless gift! And, you became part of a like-minded group that motivates and supports you in a very special way while experiencing the same challenges. Also the way that the teachings are delivered is effective – you have the time to absorb and put into practice what you learnt during the previous lesson and ask clarification if you may need to. You have access to the lessons thorough the course to keep on learning over and over again until the concepts are deep anchored within you at all levels. I truly recommend this course!

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