Proper Diet & Fasting

Proper Diet & Fasting

What we consume has a direct impact not only on our physical bodies, but also our energy bodies.

Fresh, nourishing and wholesome food is full of good prana, or good life energy. Naturally occurring colourful fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and highly beneficial for us on many levels. From an energetic point of view, these types of food are filled with wholesome, healthy prana, which, when consumed assist our body in proper assimilation of necessary nutrients and the maintenance of good health.

Our bodies house certain energy centres, also known as chakras, which absorb and convert this wholesome prana into a synthetic type of Chi energy. This stored energy has a direct impact on our immune system and the quality of nutrients in our blood.

Proper Diet

This is why it is so important to be mindful of what we are eating. A proper diet involves eating fresh, organic food, and avoiding a non-vegetarian diet. If it is not possible to maintain a vegetarian diet, non-vegetarian food may be consumed in moderation but proper care, blessings and gratitude must be given to the animal that is consumed and it must be sacrificed in a humane way. It is highly advised to avoid eating pork and fish without scales, as these foods are energetically dirty and will contaminate the energy body.

The preparation of our food is also very important. The energy of the food can be transformed or heightened when prepared in a peaceful, non-violent atmosphere. Where our thoughts go, energy will follow. Be mindful of your frame of mind when preparing and consuming food.

Unless we are growing our own food and can track its movement from the soil to our plate, it is not possible to know the journey our food has travelled. There are so many people involved in the preparation of our food, before it reaches our plate, which we are not even aware of.

Many cultures have a practice of consecration or offering food to higher beings and ancestors before consuming it to show gratitude for the food received.

Master Choa Kok Sui encourages the practice of blessing food with positive affirmations and positive energies before consumption. Acknowledge the food chain and the sacrifices made for that food to become consumable to you.


If it is safe for you to do so, fasting in the lead up to a full moon or celebratory meditation is highly recommended.

*The following guidelines are suggestions only. Please adhere to your body’s needs and any medical or nutritional advice you may be receiving.*

For those in good health, you may observe a 16-18 hour fast once or twice weekly, during which no form of food is consumed. Water, herbal teas and black coffee/tea may be consumed in moderation. Sugar and milk should be avoided.  

When observed properly, fasting purifies the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. These are some of the many benefits of fasting:

- Cleanses our digestive system

- Refines our emotions, thought patterns and thought forms

- Affords us time to be more productive

- Develops constancy and one pointedness

- Develops tolerance and patience

- Develops inner strength

- Aids in aligning the will of the incarnated soul to the will of the higher soul

It has to be understood that consuming food also consumes the energy of the body. When we reserve the energy our body would normally use to prepare, eat and digest the food, we are able to then direct that energy to other areas in our lives.

Furthermore, fasting may also be seen as a form of sacrifice and a form of service. By reducing our intake of food during a set period of time, we are in a way allowing others to consume what would have been our food. We are also able to show mercy and compassion to the plant and animal kingdom and the environment. This simple act of service helps us generate good karma when practiced with the proper mindset.

Disclaimer: Please consult and adhere to your doctor or nutritionist if you are receiving dietary advice or have any medical conditions.

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