Soul Service Sessions Secrets of Service & Tithing

Service & Tithing are loving kindness in action. Thinking kindly or sending positive thoughts to a person or a group of people is important, but Service & Tithing provides us with the opportunity to manifest those thoughts into action. Many people have the 'will to do good' but the actual physicalisation of this 'will' requires some further thought and effort. Through service, we are able to make active efforts to help improve or bring wholesomeness into another being's life. No act of service, carried out with the correct intention of non-expectation and unconditional love, is too small or too large.

Tithing is connected to sharing and giving from the heart. Tithing means sharing what you have for spiritual and charitable purposes. Tithing follows a a very simple formula, and that is: What we give to others is what we ultimately give back to ourselves. When we give or share what we have with the right intention and right thought it comes back to us tenfold. Tithing can be likened to sowing a seed. When that sown seed grows into a plant or a tree, we are able to benefit from its fruits for many years and even generations to come.

In these series of talks Rohit explains how to use Service & Tithing techniques to improve your health, relationships, finances and spiritual growth. He also explains how the Meditation on Twin Hearts and blessings are a form of world service. Join us to discover more!

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Why is Service and Tithing important?

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Service and Tithing Techniques

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Prosperity and Materialisation

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Secrets of Service & Tithing – Full Series

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