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- Jyotsana Relwani

Hello Rohit. I had 6 sessions of healing from you for arthritis pain in my fingers and thumbs in October/November 2016. Prakash then followed it up with further healing sessions at home. I’m very happy to report to you that there has been significant amount of improvement in my condition. I hardly feel any pain today. Prakash and I will definitely be recommending Pranic Healing to others.


​Raluca and Lucica Mocrei


My mom, who is 65 got hit by a car while crossing the street. The impact was so strong that she landed 16m away from where she was. She hit her forehead, her nose was broken in two. She also had a broken shoulder, hip, ankle, tibia. Her pelvic area was damaged and she was in huge pain. This happened in April. Now ( July ) she is already able to walk on her own and I believe this is all thanks to the Pranic healing sessions made by Rohit. We couldn’t be more grateful for his help. Thank you!

Lucica Mocrei before PH treatment:

Lucica Mocrei before PH treatment

Lucica Mocrei after PH treatment:

Lucica Mocrei after PH treatment



Jiyoung Choi

Jiyoung Choi

I was one of those women that suffered from menstrual pains every month alot.
Besides the pain in the body, it came with migraines, draining of energies.. and my body’s sugar level went up and down rapidly.
When I saw Rohit at the lunch table, I was about to faint and my body felt so heavy and weak. I asked for help and the result was instant… in just a few minutes, I was alive again! I got a second healing the next day, and I was fine for the rest of the period.
Thank you so much for the healing Rohit and thanks also to Master Choa Kok Sui, all the healing angels and the great ones for these priceless teachings; To the great beings who help us to heal and be healed.
And I want to add a Thank you to Rohit.

Tara Daemi

When I first heard about pranic healing and super brain yoga I was interested yet slightly sceptical however after a series of sessions, I was able to truly see how effective it is. Before starting my sessions, I had severe shoulder pains and tried various different methods to restrengthen my shoulder, but, as I soon found out, none of these methods were as effective as pranic healing.
Over the course of a couple of months, my shoulder felt much loser and stronger than it had been before, allowing me to move freely without any discomfort at all- an outcome which seemed very unlikely after over a year of horrific shoulder pains. Although pranic healing specifically looked after my physical body, I was also able to increase my mental strength through super brain yoga everyday.
Super brain yoga helped me increase my focus and also helped minimise the impacts of the stressful GCSE exam period, eventually enabling me to exceed my target grades and achieve all A*s. It helped me relax, gather my thoughts and focus on all the important events that were coming up. Pranic healing and super brain yoga helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined and so I would definitely recommend super brain yoga and pranic healing to anyone who wishes to strengthen themselves physically or mentally.
Haleh Noohnejad

Haleh Noohnejad


My name is Haleh and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rohit for introducing Pranic Healing to us.

I was introduced to Rohit through a very good friend of mine. My daughter was suffering from a chronic shoulder pain for over a year, we had tried everything but nothing seemed to be working.
We decided to try Pranic healing and I am so glad that we did! In just three sessions she could feel that the pain was no longer as severe and within less than a month she had totally forgotten that she had the pain.
As a result I decided to go for healing as well for various anxiety issues and I have to admit the results are unbelievable.
I am for ever grateful to Rohit for his time and healing, and I am determined to carry on learning more about Pranic healing as it has changed me for the better. I fully recommend Pranic healing.


Mrs Kavita Ramchandani
Andrea Piancastelli

Andrea Piancastelli


My name is Andrea, and I would like to thank Rohit for having teached me the beautiful technique of pranic healing. It brought me to further levels of awareness in all the aspects of my life and rapidly changed my habits and mind. It also helped me to control long term health problems such as epilepsy, without using any drug. Recently I have been found a breast cancer and I am overcoming the whole experience in a much more relaxed, healthy way.

Life is gentle with Pranic Healing – as you get closer to your source, everything start to flow; and you can connect to the world around you without wi-fi 🙂

Barbara Florczak

In March 2017 my mum (64) was diagnosed with stage IIB/IIIA malicious small-cell lung cancer. From March to September she underwent a comprehensive traditional cancer treatment (i.e. a surgery, 4 series of intravenous chemo-therapy and 5 weeks of radiation). Rohit was applying a distance pranic healing to my mum in September and October (i.e. during the last part of her conventional treatment and in a few weeks afterwards). Despite the fact that he has never met my mum or even spoken to her Rohit managed to help her tremendously to heal cancer and cope with severe side-effects of traditional treatment (including among others lack of energy, lack of appetite, insomnia, vomiting, severe pain in throat/chest, fever, throat infections ect). Thanks to Rohit’s incredible healing abilities my mum managed to complete her medical treatment and she felt significantly better after each of the pranic healing sessions!!! With the assistance of pranic healing she also impressed doctors with her body’s resistance and a speed of recovery. However, the best thing is that in November results of the tomography scan confirmed that all cancer cells disappeared from my mum’s chest and there were no metastasis :):) I am extremely grateful to Rohit for using his healing gift to help my mum, showing big heart and caring deeply about her well-being!!! I have also been impressed by his diagnostic capabilities which proved to be way more accurate that my initial description of her condition (which included an unintentional mistake) as well as enabled to identify the real cause of her fever which doctors could not diagnose so they prescribed 2 series of wrong antibiotics. With an enormous amount of gratitude I plan to continue distant pranic healing treatments for my mum until she regains full vitality (Gosia)