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Dr. Achyut Dhital BSc. MBBS MRCPAchyut Dhital

It is my pleasure to write about Pranic healing meditation. I joined the course in May 2020 on the advice of Motibhai Chandwani & Ravina Chandwani. Initially, I did not got any benefit up to 4 month and I was thinking whether there was any point of continuing it. I am retired medical doctor.

Then suddenly everything changed. Online session is three times a week for 1 hour. Our spritual teacher Mr Rohitji is amazing. Even his presence gives you bliss & peace .

Session consists of

1 —Forgiveness - I found it very hard to forgive anybody. I had two people to forgive . One very close relation & other very close friend at work. At the end I managed to forgive them. It was amazing both of them contacted me after that and now we have very good relation.

2—Higher soul - Crown centre in brain and Heart centre - He use to say that above crown centre there is bright luminous light and at the end of it bright star. In the beginning I found it hard to believe it. But now I can visualise it. Crown centre & Heart centre throws bright luminous healing light through out the body ...

Left ventricle of the Heart pumps the arterial blood full of oxygen from head to toe. Oxygen is essential for the function of tissue & cells of the body. Small part of cerebral cortex controls the nerves of opposite side of body from heart to toe. So one can see the logic.

Healing - Self healing or healing to somebody else - Very powerful & seems to be working.

The beauty of these meditation is everybody in the world irrespective of country, religion, caste, sex, social status and even people of higher world & lower world are treated equally in same way. Now a retired medical doctor like me has a dream to be a pranic healer soon.

Kam Lotta

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rohit and the MCKS Pranic Healing School London. I have been studying with them since 2019 and can’t recommend them highly enough.
I have completed 3 courses with the school now and I can honestly say that Rohit is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He’s very knowledgeable and encourages you to go ahead and start with the practical side straight away whilst being able to break down big ideas and philosophies of pranic healing into a way that its easily absorbable and applicable.

Rohit is at the same time so humble down-to-earth and funny, which makes him the perfect teacher! I’ve learnt so much and there’s still so much to learn! Pranic healing touches you in such a profound way and you will want to carry the principles you learn forward and apply them in your life. Together with Monal, the service that these lovely people provide is second to none and the snacks and fruit that are available on the courses are just an extra touch that really makes you feel welcomed!

I’ve also experienced Rohit’s great healing skills within my family on separate occasions and family members and am so grateful for this, and often recommend him to people who would like to try this beautiful ancient modality.

Rohit is always available when you need advice, which is priceless and he is just so approachable. Nothing is ever too much trouble! Thank you so much Rohit!

He really embodies the essence of loving kindness as you will find out more about if you study Pranic Healing and I would thoroughly recommend doing any of your pranic courses with MCKS as the information you will get is not only practical and applicable to pranic healing, but also teach wonderful principles for life.

The community spirit is also strong, and there is a strong support system in place. Meditations and yoga virtually daily and when you take a course with them from start to finish you are encouraged to keep asking questions. Rohit and Monal have done an amazing job during the pandemic in keeping us all moving forward and keeping the faith! We were invited to take part in daily prayers which have been a great gift and blessing during these times in keeping one calm and connected.

The pranic exercises you will learn alone are pretty life changing and pranic healing is for anyone looking to understand principles for effective energy healing as well as the meaning of life so that they are able to welcome more joy peace and happiness into the now moment and well beyond!

Rohit and Monal have created a really welcoming warm environment at MCKS in which to learn these time honoured practices and from the moment you join the courses you feel fully supported. The actual format of the day is fantastic and you are empowered to absorb and apply the learnings and to start applying that straight away with faith and confidence and I can honestly say, its bought a deeper level of awareness in all aspects of life. If you’re sitting on the fence about learning with MCKS I would highly recommend the pranic healing course. There’s so much information on the day, followed up with the comprehensive book which is yours to purchase and I refer to that often!

So a huge thank you to Rohit and Monal at MCKS for all their wonderful courses, genuine warmth, ongoing support and community spirit. I look forward to taking another course with you in the near future. Kam x

Jiyoung Choi

Jiyoung Choi

Haleh Noohnejad

My name is Haleh and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rohit for introducing Pranic Healing to us.
I was introduced to Rohit through a very good friend of mine. My daughter was suffering from chronic shoulder pain for over a year, we had tried everything but nothing seemed to be working.
We decided to try Pranic healing and I am so glad that we did! In just three sessions she could feel that the pain was no longer as severe and within less than a month she had totally forgotten that she had the pain.
As a result, I decided to go for healing as well for various anxiety issues and I have to admit the results are unbelievable.
I am forever grateful to Rohit for his time and healing, and I am determined to carry on learning more about Pranic healing as it has changed me for the better. I fully recommend Pranic healing.
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 14.45.54

Andrea Piancastelli

My name is Andrea, and I would like to thank Rohit for having taught me the beautiful technique of pranic healing. It brought me to further levels of awareness in all the aspects of my life and rapidly changed my habits and mind. It also helped me to control long term health problems such as epilepsy, without using any drug. Recently I have been found breast cancer and I am overcoming the whole experience in a much more relaxed, healthy way.
Life is gentle with Pranic Healing – as you get closer to your source, everything starts to flow, and you can connect to the world around you without wi-fi

 Jyotsana Relwani

Hello Rohit. I had 6 sessions of healing from you for arthritis pain in my fingers and thumbs in October/November 2016. Prakash then followed it up with further healing sessions at home. I’m very happy to report to you that there has been a significant amount of improvement in my condition. I hardly feel any pain today. Prakash and I will definitely be recommending Pranic Healing to others.

Tara Daemi

​Raluca and Lucica Mocrei

My mom, who is 65 got hit by a car while crossing the street. The impact was so strong that she landed 16m away from where she was. She hit her forehead, her nose was broken in two. She also had a broken shoulder, hip, ankle, tibia. Her pelvic area was damaged and she was in huge pain. This happened in April. Now ( July ) she is already able to walk on her own and I believe this is all thanks to the Pranic healing sessions made by Rohit. We couldn’t be more grateful for his help. Thank you!
Lucica Mocrei before PH treatment

Lucica Mocrei before P.H.

Lucica Mocrei after PH treatment

Lucica Mocrei after P.H.

​Raluca and Lucica Mocrei

Barbara Florczak

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Mieke Praet
Mieke Praet
Rohit is so loving and inspiring. It's a privilege to attend to the daily meditations. It's sheer bliss. 🙏🏻♥️
Neeta Shah
Neeta Shah
I was introduced to Rohit @ MCKS Pranic healing London for years ago by a family member. I have been a pranic healer... for 13 years. I did review for Basic Pranic Healing and Super Brain Yoga with Rohit. He is an amazing and one of the best facilitator and gives one to one attention. He is a highly recommended teacher and I will spread the word for people to come and learn the PH courses with Rohit. We do regular Twin Hearts and Arhatic Yoga meditations together and since it has been a journey together on this path with Rohit. He guided me to do forgiveness and Twin Hearts meditation regularly to cleanse myself, which helped me to put my turbulent part of my life behind me. I became for positive, felt a lot less anxious and less affected by stress and was able to make decisions in a much more coherent manner. Thanks to Rohit and Master Choa Kok Sui's teachings. MCKS Pranic healing London has an amazing and a serene ambience.read more
Monica Abad
Monica Abad
Beatiful site,people that transmite Master Choa Kok Sui teachings with purity and love 🙏❤️
Saseetharan Sivatharsini
Saseetharan Sivatharsini
Pranic healing is working out wonderfully in every area of human life. It helps us a lot for deeper understand our mind... n body n sprit. it is system that follow science base treatment for Physycal n Psychological ailment.read more
Dipti Pandya
Dipti Pandya
I took the pranic healing course and learnt much more then I had expected, will definitely go for all the levels .... brilliant.read more
Karina Penny
Karina Penny
Connecting with MCKS Pranic Healing London has been UH-MAZiNG!!! My intention was to be totally open to the healing I... received and also to be open to what the healing course would bring and neither have disappointed! So much has become clear to me about how I've felt through my life and why and I could not be more grateful. I'm excited to see where this new journey takes me! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. #allabouttheenergy !!!read more
Susanna Veschetti
Susanna Veschetti
Paulius Savickas
Paulius Savickas
I took a Pranic Healing course and had a great time of study and exploration. Thanks to the Rohit’s humbleness,... eagerness to help and healing sense of humour - every moment of the course was filled with natural curiosity, wonder and joy of discovery. This course was a great reminder of how things are interconnected and now I’m seeing the world with slightly different eyes, especially my understanding about the diseases and illnesses has changed. Thanks to the system of Pranic Healing - this topic of healing on energetic level became de-mystified for me as it is well-grounded in scientific research, quite obvious and straight forward. It also gives me a beautiful sense of self-empowerment, trust in ones own ability to change the things for better, also a sense of purpose in service for humanity. Despite all these amazing things mentioned there I find that Pranic Healing is as a very profound spiritual practice as well as it has to offer so much more than healing. It is definitely a path of purifying one’s own heart, which is a foundation for everything... I would recommend this course for every curious and willing to serve soul. Namaste /|\read more
Andrea Piancastelli
Andrea Piancastelli
I missed Rohit's meditations so much over the last year spent abroad, and it was so powerful to join again a session in... London this month! I'd describe this experience of mine as "happiness flowing from my soul unconditionally".read more
Khetani Dinesh
Khetani Dinesh
Seema Dugar
Seema Dugar
Nastaran Mikhchi
Nastaran Mikhchi
Joining the MCKS has been the best decision I've ever made. I am constantly surrounded by good energy and positive... people. It's like I have a new family who keep my company in this new bright pathway. Thank you Rohit Thank you everyone.read more
Gautam Gajra
Gautam Gajra
Very effective in healing back pain. Rohit is highly experienced with years of experience in healing.
Chi Dieudonne
Chi Dieudonne
Rohit Sujanani
Rohit Sujanani
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  1. Orlando Zucchetto (verified owner)

    This was my first experience of Pranic Healing and I am extremely grateful. My expectations were simply exceeded.

    In this two day, live training held in London (Oct 8/9 2022) I was pleasantly surprised at the volume and dimensions of my learning, by experiencing & practicing Pranic Healing from a Trainer who ‘walks the talk’ in his daily life and practice.

    Rohit’s commitment to sharing not just information (of which he has a vast amount of and shares willingly) but providing the experience of being a healer and being a client, to ensure a complete feedback loop is evident from the moment the training begins.

    Supported by Monal during this training, they both demonstrate what is taught, not just in the classroom, but in the way they conduct themselves before, during and after the training.

    If you are contemplating training in Pranic Healer or are just interested to find out what it is/what it can be for you, I highly recommend learning with Rohit and I look forward to expanding my learning with him in the future.

    Pranic Healing Level 1 - BasicPranic Healing Level 1 – Basic

  2. Neeta Shah

    Thank you Rohit for the beautiful course which does not require any experience.

    Yet it is a course whereby you can learn how to scan and follow the basic protocols, especially helpful to recover during covid 19.
    We are also provided with a little booklet, which one can follow step by step, whilst Rohit is teaching the course.

    Your teachings are so profound and easy to understand with powerful meditations and Tibetan exercise to follow.
    I have done review for some of the courses and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to empower themselves in terms of good health, mentally and physically.

    My heartfelt gratitude to you for taking me on the next stage on my spiritual development and journey.🙏⭐💖

    Self Pranic HealingSelf Pranic Healing

  3. Teresa Bell (verified owner)

    Beautiful laser crystal, I am so thrilled! It is exactly as pictured and described and the shipment arrived relatively quickly to the US. I was so happy to receive a silk wrap and carry case with it as well. Thank you so much for your excellent product and service.

    Healing Crystal Wands - Clear Quartz LaserHealing Crystal Wands – Clear Quartz Laser

  4. Ayyappan Radhavinodbal

    Learned the basic course in person with Rohit sir who explained and made us to experience practically. Learned the very basic from sir efficiently. I feel a teacher is who makes a difference with his teaching and I have experienced it already with his wonderful teachings. I can now experience the energy while meditating and healing. I have now received the basic certification which is valid worldwide. Looking forward for advance class. Thank you very much Rohit sir.

    Special thank you for Monal who supported us through the classes and taking care of us.

    Pranic Healing Level 1 - BasicPranic Healing Level 1 – Basic

  5. L. Alvarez

    Rohit is such an inspiring teacher. He makes his vast knowledge about Pranic Healing very accessible and enjoyable. Both Mona & Rohit create a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere during these courses which I think is crucial to feel at ease and explore your potential.
    I am so looking forward to continuing to level 3. Thanks so much!
    L. Alvarez

    Pranic Healing Level 2 - AdvancedPranic Healing Level 2 – Advanced

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