Soul Service Sessions The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a progressive, spiritual tool which has been passed down to us by our ancestors and spiritual teachers, and is practiced by most people from various walks of life.
In these series of talks, you will learn more about the secrets of how to further your spiritual growth, achieve illumination and how to make your meditation more powerful. We will take this opportunity to look at the various methods or techniques of meditation and uncover how these can serve you to gain a happier, harmonised, stress free, calmer way of living. There are many other aspects of our lives, such as health, relationships and finances that can be transformed by the simple practice of daily meditation, which will be shared with you in this talk.  
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Some frequently asked questions about meditation:

How do I know I am doing it right?
What should I expect to feel or see when I meditate?
How often should I meditate?
How can I improve my current meditation practice?
Are there any side effects to meditation?
How should I prepare for a session?
Why do I have to exercise before and after meditation?
Does the time of day matter?
What is the difference between individual and group meditation?
Can a regular meditation practice make a difference to my finances?
How long do the effects of meditation last?
Are meditation and Mindfulness the same thing?
How can I interpret my visions?​

Introduction to Meditation – Why meditate?

£20.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

Meditation Techniques

£20.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

Improve your practice and Manifest your Wishes

£20.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

Benefits of Meditation – Full Series

£50.00£500.00 Inclusive of VAT

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