Thoughtful Christmas gifts

So much joy can be found in gifting friends and family, and the festive holidays are a great excuse to treat our loved ones. With so much to choose from and so many cheeky offers available, it can often be tough to decide what to get people and it can also be tricky to find something that feels thoughtful and personal. That’s one of the core aims when we’re buying gifts – finding something personal and unique for the people we care about.

We’ve rounded up some gift ideas to make the shopping process easier for you, whilst maintaining that thoughtful, personal touch.

Celestial One Line a Day: Five-Year Memory Book

This is a beautiful gift to encourage daily reflection and affirmations. Over a period of five years, the book allows for you to write a sentence or combination of words that reflect upon the day you’ve had or how you’ve felt, or even what you’re thinking. With one day per page, as the years go on you’ll be able to see how you felt or what you were doing on that very day two or three years ago. A lovely gift to capture memories and progress as your loved one continues to grow.

Available in many variations across several outlets.

We’ve chosen one from Oliver Bonas.

Motivational Pencils

Something a simple as kind or motivational words can make all of the difference to someone’s day, and what better time than when someone’s at work or studying to fill them with positive thoughts? These motivational pencils are simple and sweet, and serve as a daily reminder to ‘enjoy the simple things’ and ‘follow your dreams’. Daily positive reinforcements are so impactful, so why not gift a little motivation in the form of an everyday object.

There are lots of lovely variations available on Not On The High Street.

A personalised ‘Dream’ Hamper

Perhaps you know a loved one who is planning a trip or working towards a goal, like starting their own business or finally sitting down to write that book? Why not create a hamper tailored to that dream! If they’re planning a trip for example, you could pull together items which they’d need for travel – a selfie stick, a language guide, treats native to their desired destination, some currency and a book for the flight. Sometimes people need a little push to take the leap to do something they’ve dreamed of, and a thoughtful hamper may inspire them to take action.

Available in many variations across several outlets.

We’ve chosen one from Hobby Craft.

Meditation on Peace and Prosperity

With every new year comes a new set of resolutions or goals, and what better way to enter the new year than with a meditation session focusing on peace and prosperity! This session allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the law of karma, and practice ways to generate good karma. A beautiful lesson to take into a new year and attract prosperity, wealth and abundance into your life. Perhaps this will be one of those moments when you purchase a gift twice, one for yourself and your loved one.

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Superbrain Yoga

Superbrain Yoga has many benefits, and is coined ‘the yoga that makes you sharper’. A great gift to fuel and sustain a healthy brain – pushing your brain power beyond it’s current boundaries! With a new year on the horizon what better way to start than with a yoga course that has been empirically proven by professionals to help counter effects of aging!

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