Unplug From Technology

Technology will always move forward, and so will its involvement in our daily lives – whether that be at work or personally. Whilst these advancements are exciting it’s important to maintain some detachment where possible. Have you ever found yourself spending hours mindlessly staring into your phone, when you could be outside enjoying the sun or spending time with family and friends?

Some of us have become addicted to our technology, and it’s understandable. There are many hacks that prove useful in learning to unplug, and we’ll talk you through some of them. There are also therapies and sessions that can help you through addiction, and Pranic Healing has many benefits. Pranic Psychotherapy works on understanding and preventing psychological ailments and the rebalancing of our emotional and mental positions.

Taking some time out is essential on a daily basis, no matter how small that time is. The first thing you could do is ensure that the first hour or two of your day is spent taking care of you, and not with a phone or laptop in hand. Create a new technology-free morning routine, including exercise and/or meditation, and perhaps have breakfast with your family if you can.

Go old school, and invest in an alarm clock so that your phone doesn’t need to be beside your bed! A lovely little hack that will provide you with very little excuse for bringing your phone to bed and checking it during the night to be told that a perfect stranger has liked your Instagram post. If it’s important someone will call, so do not give in to the temptation of scrolling through social media, or better yet, responding to work emails that can wait until the morning.

Swap phone calls and texting for a coffee catch-up, invest in some more face time (the literal kind, not the apple kind!). We just need to be honest with ourselves. Technology should enhance our lives, not hinder or prevent us from living them! Life needs to be experienced, which requires us to interact with others, explore our bucket lists, try that restaurant we’ve always wanted to check out or read that book everyone’s taking about … all of these things will require us to unplug from technology, and just live.

We’ve become contactable 24/7, and this is not always a good thing. Many of us sleep a lot less as a result. Combined with watching everyone’s ‘highlights’ on social media and often unknowingly making comparisons with our own lives and progress, we might be a little grouchier as a result of too much tech.

Naturally we’ll embrace all of the wonderful advancements we experience and witness in our lives, but like with many things, moderation is essential to our wellbeing. Unplugging is a gift to you, a little break for your mind and an opportunity for some well-deserved you time, or to continue to build your relationships.

If you’d like to learn more about the positive impact that Pranic Healing can have on many ailments, including addiction, please get in touch today.

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