Wellness is a lifestyle

Pranic Healing London

Pranic Healing London


Wellness has been a hot topic for a number of years, and proves to be increasing in relevance as people seek alternative methods in which to enhance their wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Short-term diets often come up in conversation and in the press, particularly around Christmas and the New Year – however, like with any change you make in life, it takes much more commitment than this to see the positive outcomes you strive for.

We must create healthy, mindful habits.

There are many stages in our lives when Pranic Healing could prove not only relevant, but life and soul enhancing. Every life and lifestyle is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not always possible. You’ll hear the word ‘balance’ a lot in your life, and it’s important, as balance is the key to how you maintain anything.

Raising your awareness of your energy and general wellness will have an incredible effect on your life and wellbeing, and this can be sought through energy healing. ‘Prana’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘life force’, in other words, energy. Aligning all of the key principles that make up your mind, body and soul will see the dramatic improvement of your ‘wellness’.


Pranic Healing has the potential to improve so many elements of your wellbeing, not always connected solely with ill health. Energy healing also endorses maintaining and restoring balance, allowing you the opportunity to introduce some consistency in your living.

We understandably fall into habits of only paying attention to our bodies when something is wrong. Imagine if we began to embody wellness as the lifestyle it should be?

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